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Happy St. Patrick Day

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Luck is Believing You are Lucky! ...Read More

By: Mary Ferreira

Happy International Woman's Day

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By: Mary Ferreira

Five Tips Buying Your First Home

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By: Mary Ferreira


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RRSP vs TFSA?  How many people can actually max out on both?  How do you choose?  The major difference between RRSP and TFSA accounts centres around tax implications.  RRSP's offer a tax deduction when you contribute, but you have to pay tax when you withdraw the money.  TFSA's offer no up-front break, but you don't pay tax on any withdrawals, including growth....Read More

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By: Mary Ferreira

Tips for Organizing Your Bathroom

Tags: organizing your bathroom, organizing your medicine cabinet, home organization, realtor advise

TO THE MEDICINE CABINET The room with the most stuff per square foot! This room is… the bathroom! Even if you are not planning a move, it’s always a good idea to regularly check items stored in your medicine cabinets and other storage areas in your bathroom. Here are FIVE Organizing Tips: Check expiration dates… Check the best-before dates and discard all expired prescripti...Read More

By: Mary Ferreira

Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

Tags: Organizing your kitchen, Decluttering your kitchen, Kitchen makeover, Realtor advise

TIPS FOR ORGANIZING YOUR KITCHEN                                                         Let go of things you don’t use!   Dishes, containers and gadgets multiply and take up valuable space in kitchen cabinets and drawers.    Start by...Read More

By: Mary Ferreira

Downsizing Your Garden

Tags: Downsizing Your Garden, Garden, Curb Appeal, Realtor Advise

DOWNSIZE YOUR GARDEN                              Time to...DOWNSIZE YOUR GARDEN! With the first sign of good weather, thoughts turn to outdoor projects and placing all of our indoor would-a, should-a, could-a projects on the back burner.   There's just so much to do and only a few short months in w...Read More

By: Mary Ferreira


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Start SMALL. Start NOW! TWELVE organizing and downsizing tasks you can do around your house in 20 minutes or less! Clean your cutlery drawer. Toss anything that is rusty, broken or totally useless! Remove everything from the cabinet under the sink. Sort, purge and replace. Organize the top shelf in the front hall closet. Check your coffee mug collection. Keep only the ones you LOVE to use. ...Read More

By: Mary Ferreira

Benefits of Downsizing Senior Parents

Tags: Downsizing senior parents, downsizing, moving, selling parents home, realtor advise, real estate advise

Downsizing & Moving                                           Helping overwhelmed seniors move.    From clear-outs to getting the house ready to list and sell, I will take care of all the details: -clear house, garage, storage lockers -Identify items for donation, delivery a...Read More

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