By: Mary Ferreira

Bank of Canada Raised Interest Rates

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The Bank of Canada raised interest rates once again on variable rate mortgages 0.75%.  This is definitely not good news for anyone that has variable rate mortgages.  HOWEVER, if you are a buyer its not a bad thing.  You have to look at the bright side of buying a property today, you will be buying it 20-25% cheaper than what you would have bought back in February.  Although the...Read More

By: Mary Ferreira

Interest Rate Hike

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TDS and GDS Qualifications Total Debt Service (TDS) Gross Debt Services GDS Your gross debt service (GDS) ratio is your housing costs divided by pre-tax income.  Your total debt service (TDS) ratio includes payments on any other debts you may owe. Most A Lenders have a GDS 39% TDS 42% rule up to 44% on a 700 Beacon Score. New rules abide us to qualify using Stress Test for all High Rati...Read More

By: Mary Ferreira

Market Update

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  Many of my clients looking to step into the market are asking when is the right time.   For some insight I’ve created a quick overview to set the stage regarding the impact of higher borrowing rates and its rippling affect.    Will there be an offset?   Bank of Canada’s goal to slow consumer spending and fight high inflation by increasing rates in the pas...Read More

By: Mary Ferreira

100% Club Award

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It has been 20 years since I’ve started my career with RE/MAX, one of the leading real estate organizations in Canada and beyond. I can’t express how grateful I am to all of my clients and friends and colleagues who supported me to where I am today in my career.   I am nothing without my clients.  Thankful for all the Referrals I have ever received. Thankful to every person...Read More

By: Mary Ferreira

Top Ways Canadians are using Home Equity

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Renovations Home equity loans are often used to finance home improvements. Essentially, you’re using your home’s current value to increase its future value. The most significant benefit of using this type of loan for this purpose is that it usually carries a lower interest rate than credit cards or lines of credit. When using home equity for renovations, it is essential to co...Read More

By: Mary Ferreira

Bank of Canada Rate

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Interest rates went up .050% yesterday.  What does this mean for you? Well, at the beginning of the Pandemic interest rates dropped 1.75%!  In the last two months, interest rates have gone up 0.50% + 0.25% which equals 0.75% total in the last 2 months.  How does this affect us?  We need to go up 1.00% more to get back to PrePandemic levels around 3.35% If you are on a fixed rat...Read More

By: Mary Ferreira

Market Watch 2022 - January

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Review:  Another year of strong demand for home ownership lies ahead. This year, home sales will approach 110,000 with an average selling price hitting a record $1,225,000.  TRREB’s much-anticipated 2022 Market Outlook & 2021 Year in Review report will get you up to speed on housing, employment, and infrastructure.  Read full report:     https...Read More

By: Mary Ferreira

Winter Home Renovations

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Winter might seem like an unusual time to undertake a renovation, but with the right knowledge and a bit of preparation, it can be a great time to add value to your home. The secret to a successful winter renovation is good planning and working closely with your renovator. Major Renovations:  Vacating your home for a few weeks: make sure your contractor has easy access to and from your...Read More

By: Mary Ferreira


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While some renovations can be costly, they can help increase the value of a home.  Regardless of the size of your renovation, it's always important to consider how any improvement will affect your home insurance so you can ensure you don't run into any implications or added costs.  What type of renovations affect your home insurance? Before you make any home improvements there a...Read More

By: Mary Ferreira


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  HOW MUCH SHOULD I EXPECT TO SAVE UP? Start by understanding the average sprice of homes in your area.  For instance, if the average price is $663,500, 5% down payment would be $33,175 and 20% would be $132,700. WHAT PERCENTAGE OF THE PRICE IS USED?  There isn't one fixed percentage rate used to calculate your down payment, but there are a few standards to keep in mind a...Read More

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