With a mind to resale value, here are eight interior design trends that experts anticipate becoming more dominant in the new year..
1. Light, Views, and Fresh Air
Research shows that natural light can boost healthfulness, both physical and emotional, so architects and window manufacturers are responding. Repair or reglaze windows, add more windows, build a deck, or add on a screened porch. Give Buyers an important connection with the outdoors.
2. Healthier Houses
With reports of contaminants in drinking water, toxic levels of formaldehyde being released from laminate flooring, and other home health scares, consumers are increasingly concerned about how their home may affect their health. But rather than compromising health and wellness, homes can provide an opportunity to enhance lives.
3. Bathrooms for Aging in Place
Baby boomers now account for the largest share of home owners choosing to renovate—and their top project is redoing the master bathroom. “A significant proportion of boomers are aware of the needs that arise aging in place
4. Resiliency and Sustainability
Favoring all-electric systems, including induction cooktops, mini-split HVAC systems, and heat pump water heaters. Homeowners could take it a step further and have the garage wired to be a charging station for electric cars and add solar panels to the roof.
5. Colours
When it comes to cabinetry, colors are becoming more robust. But when it comes to selling, be more cautious and favor lighter colors that convey an easy-to-decorate, move-in atmosphere.
6. Natural Materials and Motifs
Buyers are looking for more warmth and comfort with natural touches. Designers suggest prints and florals in natural-colored tones. A mix of warmer natural materials such as wood, leather, silk, and stone will help capture the natural feel.  A warmer, more natural glow can also be illuminated through new LED lights.
7. Affordable Microhouses
8. High and Low Decor

For the millennial generation, quality supersedes quantity. But this isn’t limited to their desire for smaller, better homes, but it also applies to what they choose to put inside their homes when they decorate. The benchmark isn’t how fancy or rare something is, but if it’s practical, gives them the right experiences, and nourishes their spirit.